Thursday, September 27, 2012

Intrinsic Value System

Intrinsic in our value system
Myopic vision still shows fault sand blemishes
Must weigh the guilt
“Must I subdue and change, live like that?
Or bide my time, put up with it?”

So deep the sinew of his master
From custom of the morning ritual
The daily chore – in human encounters
Duties and pleasures of the night
Up to protocol learned

So if the new environment tells
You to shoot and kill your enemies
Deal with all societies strict
Punish some innocents
Agree with false slander and arrest

Men and women are malleable, changeable, flexible
Same sky, same stars
The seed the kernel planted deep

You can shake your brain
Your torso more so
But that genetic inner sanctum
That weight of guilt and innocence is ingrained
Like that sleazy slimy snake skin
You have to live with it

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