Tuesday, May 31, 2016


We take off one shoe at a time

One sock at a time




No zest

We slew a dragon today

Had our share of loves and dislikes

Survived confrontation

And for this, we buried the hatchet

Turned over the garden

Schemed against society

It was a full ride

And when I turn

The lights out

I will meet you in my dream world

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Living Hell of Joy Each Day I Chase

Nothing surprises me anymore.
Life, death, time, blood,
sexual perversity, incest,
chopping off heads, new billionaires,
political rigging, chicanery,
lies, cheats, celebrations extreme
overboard ego, new dictators,

Soon breakthroughs in heart, stroke, cancer,
Yet always surprises
A screen of life theater in motion
3 dimensional TV, honorarium for overpaid doctors,
abundance of drug choices, forget not,
overdose comes…, up your nose

Rocket ships to cities
Self-driving cars and trips to Mars
Tease out beyond imagination
Super world relax at but one station
Life of surplus, yet the wound will heal
Love surprises, good love again to feel
Collect too many gadgets, things
World of paupers, us and kings

As world powers disagree -
War planes, armies.
So life is too exciting.
I’m cautiously inviting.
Greenland glaciers melt.
Water level up in oceans felt.
What the hell is global warming?
I rejoice in my storming!

You see, I’m over 90, not encumbered
Yet my days are numbered.
All this a maze
The living hell each day I joyful chase
A smile, a laugh, a chuckle
Under the negative I do not buckle
Festivities, good food
Keep in jolly healthy mood