Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ready To Take Our Place

A mystic light-like meteor

Dashed over the countryside as if to score

All were in awe

For those who witnessed and saw

And nothing stayed the same

Pear and apple trees so rotten,

The cow went lame

The corn turned green

Famine and heat as the grass dried lean

Tree leaves too turned brown

People left, the village now a ghost town

For days the chickens laid no eggs

Only the caterpillars and the pest had a million legs

And farmer’s wife went into deep depression

As if she met the spooky ghost at dreamy session

Maybe the cosmic rays from a planetoid

Turned tables and created natures’ void

Or the riveting energy from a meteor

Brought this disaster to the core

Or perhaps a warning of another planet in outer space

Are responsible for the damage, ready to take our place.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

- Shoe Soldiers -

I awake. In front of my bed are
Two worn black shoes like soldiers
Pointing in opposite directions
White shorts, black stockings in juxtaposition
One slipper here, another there
Await my entry into the unknown day
The ticking clock in rhythm
Says look at me, but I am too tired
Until it is light again, I will sleep
Shoe soldiers you must wait
Until I come for you

Blithe Spirit

Blithe spirit travels on the sunbeam

On ten thousand dust particles

Transports to a mysterious destination

Open mouth - inhales

Enraptured, captured by the spirit

"Why now - why me?"

He happily acknowledges

Today fate is my bride

I shall tarry, romp and ride

The joyous overtones of merriment

Accolades heaved, success granted

Feverish, he decides, almost concurs

Was it all perception, or reality?

Its stamp is tough and lasting

Computer space awarded, the victor

With open arms he/she is received

Believes until the battery dies down

Then the silent shadow vanishes

with the sinking sun.