Friday, May 13, 2011


Doors in our life
The opportunities
Of yesterday
From labor hospital room
To crib at home
Our first security
From room to room
The classroom door so tall
With anxious faces waiting for the bell
First hotel room
Down the hall
Her bed most prominent of all
Beyond each door a dear one
Parent, siblings
Finally the lover
How secretive
How secure
Our room, the kiss to hug
Massage and rub
Do the things that lovers do
Greeting doors
Rejecting doors
Doors simply man’s tools
Tall doors for the brilliant and the fool

Older doors to interviews
Doors of sadness, gladness and good bye
Through door
Comes the view

I am sitting in my bedroom
Door wide open
Messiah and hopeful friends
Never an intruder
The free open door delight
Away from multitude of strife
Prophets Armageddon

Some have a lock
Some many locks
Some doors inviting
Some exciting
Some squeak
Some tilted

Imagine yourself
Which doors have you entered
Ah so many each day
Today, conscious

From space to space
In the privacy of our study
The bathroom, basement and attic
Doors that hold secrets

Many doors of lifetime
Box in the spacious room
Dazzling view beyond the door
Which novels did I enter
Doors show the disarray of its inhabitant
Pain and helpless nerves of abysmal poverty

The door automatic to the elevator
Door open in hotel
The heavy, unencumbered door into the building
Rushing to make the bus before the door closes
So many, many open doors
Taking me to the most titillating

Doors of many colors
Great hopes
Doors of fear, frustration
Doors I never want to enter again
Doors once opened
See those human angelic faces
Part of youth
Parents young, bidding
Full of love, endearing

Exciting doors into theaters
Most splendid choruses

Which doors will I open tomorrow
Will I perceive man’s war at first glance

Doors where reception celebration
Overwhelms me

Yes there were doors slammed in my face
Doors closed, finger caught
Shoulder banged, bleeding nose

Doors are solid, demanding
It all depends if you enter or leave

Doors are merely extensions of
Our boxes that we live in
Fire doors each cubicle or hall
Doors of separation of sound
Of smell, of life

If you play with pet birds
Never leave doors open
I am your pet bird
For truly doors are not natural
Where in the mountain, valleys
Expansive open meadow field
Do you see doors?

Come, we servants, owners
Have the power to open many doors
By habit and training to close them
Doors to keep in or out, lock (double lock)
Two perspectives, two sides

Depending on which side you stand
The fight between private independence
Openness, without doors, sharing trusting
Give me the open space within
Freedom of movement without
Opening and closing doors
Without fear, concern
After all, isn’t my house your house
Innocent doors simply respond

Swinging in each direction
Barriers, protestors, incarcerators
It’s your choice to unlock, unhinge
And throw the key away
Outside the open space awaits you

* * * * *