Friday, September 14, 2012

Colorado Massacre

Standing tight, tough and tall
Teenager evinced a pretty proud appearance
Trained, taught in drama and the stage
A dozen innocent past midnight
Saw a new – movie, Batman.
The crazy 27 year old entered by
                        A side door

Rifle, submachine gun, pistol
With gas masked bomb first
12 dead, 72 wounded
Horrified, senseless, awful devastation
A bloodbath
A feast of and fury of cries,
Of heroism, of agony
All exercised in seconds

Oh what folly, what foolishness, what tragedy !
The mayor came, the governor spoke
Even the President met the families
Of the deceased for three hours.

Two days later an orator
Delivered his eulogy
In the name of the nation.

For all far and wide affected
In the killer’s apartment are books
And 6000 rounds of ammunition.
Caught and surrendered at the parking
Lot immediately after the incident.
Yes, we have our war,
But who can stop a deranged person?

At the memorial he started his sermon
To a vast and intense audience.
“Who will ever forget the innocent…?”
Later a memorial edifice

The world immersed soon will forget.
                        Or will it?

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