Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Call If Life

Frivolous and foolish with fervor we worry
What do we wish for today? What to buy next?
How to handle a touchy situation?
Dire news event take personally, confuse our brain
Yet enjoy our usual shower, breakfast TV show

There is a schism, a divide
For we are complicated, creatures
Habit, tradition, personal value system
Almost unshakeable, real, within our ID
Chew our way, doggedly move on

So we work, we love, we cry,
Ever so quickly spinning hopes into fairy tales
Yet must live with our own boundaries
After years learn to try live within ourselves.
Even dare love ourselves as we love others

Yet all is the here, the now, the personal
The family, our immediate surroundings
So ponderous, rich, loving and some hostile
As we do sustain, do survive, laugh, smile
Celebrate the fleeing birthdays and call it life