Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Go be a hypocrite
Condemn varieties and deviations
Fondle, feel, foul – you love them
A bit of cheating, an occasional lie
Ridicule and destroy your enemies
Badmouth, threaten, steal
The contrary variant of life
No acceptation of imperfections
Yet the folly of the non-existing perfect

Poor white as the pristine snow
Utter and write most complimentary applause
Thrilled and elated at the newness
The potato scrap pile
Discern and walk quickly
No hold up – make a speech at the corner
Landing the good fickle reception

Yet so much water under the dam
Talk of happy, healthy thoughts intrude
How great is this and that
Instruments more effective
Writing and verbiage exciting
Complimentary teaching “not easy”
Thinks will get better – much better

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dare Risk, Travel to the Moom

It seemed that I dared
To climb the stairs toward heaven
Effort over a millennium, or was it timeless?
A spiritual goal pursued in this endless universe
No pure maidens in the reception line
Just me, newly arrived, still in motion
Without direction, decisiveness, where to advance?
Torn between space, life and the ticking clock

While the ultimate brain conjured, matriculated, digested
Gasped, overwhelmed, in hypnotic fashion
Is it my arrival or my escape, or the inevitability of the day?

Some have purpose, desires and goals
Some follow their love instinct, or destiny
Some must lead and conquer
I myself motivate the everyman
Every grain in my body  still demands freedom, choice
Every right I have to climb the staircase to freedom
But even if you dare upward to heaven
One must ask for forgiveness
As you leave loved ones behind

Leave your tools, though you still possess a keen intellect
Almost stripped down, a passenger, daring
With destiny around the corner, belief still questioned!

So up and up, isolated from all I had but my brains
A voyager, I risk life – wondering for what?
For posterity – they don’t care. Eternal honor
Soon to forget and superseded
So a risk-taker, plunked down my wealth
Accepted, aged, hope to bring sanity
To experimenter’s, ego drive, vanity and famous
Or just join a historic event coming for the advent of a new ride
Safety and terminal cancellation as Iast into the rocket
Now to please the leader, all a risk. Take off.
Observe the rocket into the hemisphere –good takeoff.
I am now helpless on the rocket airship to the Moon

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Call If Life

Frivolous and foolish with fervor we worry
What do we wish for today? What to buy next?
How to handle a touchy situation?
Dire news event take personally, confuse our brain
Yet enjoy our usual shower, breakfast TV show

There is a schism, a divide
For we are complicated, creatures
Habit, tradition, personal value system
Almost unshakeable, real, within our ID
Chew our way, doggedly move on

So we work, we love, we cry,
Ever so quickly spinning hopes into fairy tales
Yet must live with our own boundaries
After years learn to try live within ourselves.
Even dare love ourselves as we love others

Yet all is the here, the now, the personal
The family, our immediate surroundings
So ponderous, rich, loving and some hostile
As we do sustain, do survive, laugh, smile
Celebrate the fleeing birthdays and call it life

Friday, June 17, 2016

We Hugged

We hugged – that’s all
In our pajamas sometime around 3 or 4 am
We hugged – that’s all
The warm body pressed the seconds into hours
Then back to sleep again
It was a deep, strong
Commitment by two loving people
One of them was me
We hugged – that’s all

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

 Memorabilia for Mars

With patience nourish yourself and help replenish the earth
And when you grow old, infirm and crooked
Remember, you have done your part
Seeded and harvested
No tree can ask for more as it sheds its leaves

There will be a day –
When the earth crumbles
And all humanity scrambles away
on huge spaceships with all goods, inventions
Memorabilia for Mars

Momentary - you are temporary
And as you daily rise
You will fall

But never your spirit determine
You have been chosen in this time,
this place to participate in the greatest theater of life
Go - play your part
And when your time comes
Your spirit will mesh with mine for eternity

Monday, June 6, 2016

 Ever Yearning

Rules are to be broken

Laws disobeyed

Total freedom

Rejection of all but the self

On a high pedestal

Anarchy supplanted by dictatorial
Magical oratory bedazzles
Drowned out by horrific percussion

All so futile.

Deadly, bloody

Each has followers

Spurn the rational

The compromise, the balance

Stirred by body chemicals

Like rubber bands

Stretch from one extreme to another

Unseen turmoil

Deadly storm on the horizon

Nature omnipotent

Kneel, bow down, and prostrate yourself

We are but grains of sand

Washed, tossed, sunburned

All so transitory

Some live more than once

Our shadow blinks and disappears

Into ashes from the mold of birth

Ever yearning 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

An Eventful Day

The morning wakes
Somewhat warm incoherent
Open summer day
My choice for this Saturday
An open world
Arms held out from horizon to horizon

Almost like Moses holding the tablets
Of the Ten Commandments
With ample choice to fill
The precious hours
All mine to choose

So positive and hopeful the spirit of the moment
Open door and window begging
Dreams to fruition and reality
All I can do is try, to meet my challenge

An air of quiet peace
Like water poured to fill a cup
So too new thought collate
So many choices
So many possibilities

It's going to be an eventful day
Struck off my life's calendar
For who knows how many we have left ahead of us!