Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One of Us

Frigid, almost frozen, the stiff lay there
Ashen skin
In the alley behind the trash
Disheveled, dirty, the smell of urine
Grayish disheveled hair
Someone had stolen his shoes
An absent, cold, egotistical world
Police – ambulance
All far too late

Suicide? Homicide? Inclement weather?
Too short the investigation…
He was a veteran
So many of our homeless are
Heroes sometime, somewhere
A father, a husband, a scholar
Who knows?
An addict dug into a black hole
Of drugs
A nobody
Or maybe, just maybe
One of us

I Cry No More

I cry no more, those wet salty tears
Instead my humble old body seriously celebrates
Each day, so welcome, like each pendant on a gold chain
Sparkles, rings, amuses, entices,
Kindles kind, warm flames in my heart

While the world outside decimates, denigrates, accusingly divides
So I enjoy the solace, the secret silence,
Like a prophet from afar I cross over the landscape of time
I see the cracks and fissures of a lively terrain full of traps
Always the horizon beyond the sun-down mountain
Good, bad, evil, beauty, mistakes,
All meander from time to time in the distant past
Blown up irrationally as a guilty curtain, only to evaporate again
I cry no more

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Down With All Protest

Where is the criterion – right-wrong?
A noisy, loud, boisterous song
Or perhaps “Where on earth do we belong?”
Will the weak whither, ruled by the strong?

It is a hollow, holistic, heavenly howl
Disgusting, dangerous, some throw in the towel
Or if so bland, bone-headed, brazen; go forestall
Until the military/cop anti-group comes to call

For all proclaim the flag of liberty that we are free!
Yet scared, suspicious, secretive in what we see
Revolutionary now called “traitor” in no uniform
Must arrest, eradicate those from the norm

Instead, the peaceful prosperity of family
Struggling to maintain in a conflicting sea
And if dysfunction is on the plate
Arrest, protest under the umbrella of laws of hate

But squelch, choke, shut up contrarian slogan be
It’s to no avail, excuse and plea
A new society so upside down
Most dare not leave their hateful town

For wild revolt and retribution
Axe to your enemy is a new solution
Ethnicity, race, religion, mine
Incredulous, unethical, all by design

Escapee to far-off fertile land
But where to start and where to stand?
Demise of principles long instilled
The old democracy will soon be killed

New manners, morals, mannerism
Too late to find your own schism
A new world in new solid phase
Time to forget the good old ways

Alas, if you only knew
It’s just my fertile imagination and not all true…

Blithe Spirit

Blithe spirit travels on the sunbeam
On ten thousand dust particles
Transports to a mysterious destination
Open mouth – inhales
Enraptured, captured by the spirit
“Why now – why me?”
He happily acknowledges
Today Fate is my bride -
I shall tarry, romp and ride
The joyous overtones of merriment.
Accolades heaved, success acknowledged
Feverish, he decides, almost concurs
Was it all perception, or reality?
Its stamp is tough and lasting
Computer space awarded, the victor
With open arms he/she is received
Believed until the battery dies down
Then the silent shadow vanished
with the sinking sun.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Aged I must celebrate

Aged I must celebrate
Before absent-minded makes it too late
While body and stomach wish for more
The juices search for love to score

Must celebrate in gratitude
For every sunshine is an interlude
Where friends still look me in the eye
Feel the criticism and know just why

Where I peruse with insight
Rejoice and share the light
And tender touch such blessed gift
Reciprocate, give life a lift

Guiltless, I can afford mistakes
Appreciate little things for heaven’s sakes
With infantile freedom roar and laugh
Share memories with friends and staff