Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Quilt of All Occasions

A quilt of feelings

Emotions knit into the

Fabric of my being

Truth, beauty, love, honor

The colors are my cornerstone

Yet ocean waves whittle away

My morality

New aspects of truth

What is so truly right and wrong

The many shades now in-between

Vast layers of hidden beauty rediscovered

Passions of love stimulated by six senses

Brain’s new chemical compositions

Owner degraded , complimented by questioning

My values so different each day

A new compromise,

A tolerance of ignorance

Ambiguity that simple do not understand

Everything too fast

Rapid the change and new language with it

Inventions supercede each other

The mind lags far behind this lightning


Mutations create new species, yet many die

A new language of science, computers


I have not learned yet. And will been superceeded

So I cover myself with the

Old patterns, my beautiful quilt

My truth, my value of beauty

My emotional involvement of love

Trying to retain some sense of balance

Lest my honor be shattered

Bombarded by the day’s deeds and


I recline, pull the quilt over my body

Cover and soon fall into a

Trance – a kaleidoscope of my

Life while it lasts, a quilt of all occasions .
(For more of Arthur's poetry, see,, or Google "Arthur Weil Poetry Books". )


Each of us carries

An invisible weight of guilt

Of each step – intentional or not –

That with each hour of joy

Happiness as an ankle chain draws us down

It is the imperfection of our life

As we stoop and straighten with


Good deed

And creation

(For more of Arthur's poetry, see,, or Google "Arthur Weil Poetry Books". )