Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If only for a moment

Nature turns off our consciousness
With sleep when the subconscious takes over
A good omen ­­­­- battery must be charged
As soon as I awake my active brain

Concocts the new world to be built
The old project to continue
But alert climbs on the next plateau.
Surpass myself, the mind creates new vision

A grandiose scheme
Only one winner. Who knows?
An epoch, youthful cry for change
Lost in the sound and fury misbegotten

Yet above the tin and whimsical sound
Like birds peruse the landscape from up high
I’m mesmerized by earthly patterns
All mine to inhale, visual elation, if only for a moment.

To Steal

Taking from Peter and Paul
Never hurt a fly or run afoul
Our motive, like Robin Hood, to help the aged
Never thought of getting caught and caged

So with skill we’ll take
Cautious, careful not to break
A jewel here, a diamond there
An iPhone just to test the air

Leave the silver and the watch
Turn up the receiver just a notch
Police bank last and closely pursue
Find money, gold, share with the crew

No fingerprints, no break signs
No special thievery by design
After all, to plan and steal is such a bitch
Those tycoons won’t miss it – they’re much too rich

New Dawn

I don’t want to be the whole Kahuna
Nor half
I do want to mend my loss
My broken heart

The inner turmoil stirred, let it subside
Like water down a drain, down, down
My bent head again held high
A smile, a sparkle, a salutation
For loss, divorce and death do leave their mark

The emptiness, void slowly filled
Like the drip from a leaking faucet
A slow resurgence rises
Of energy and purpose
Tread on the escalator in an upward motion

A new dawn rises, slowly, ever so slowly
The open wound, self-serving,heals itself in time
Though scars are visible as a reminder
As the ancient prophets do arise

Divided from what was good and gone
To what newness is better
Takes its place in healing, soothing
New values, spiritual and temporal; to aspire

Cast many things awkwardly collected
To the wind
In their place contentment, happiness
And deep new love
Do take their place