Thursday, September 27, 2012

Intrinsic Value System

Intrinsic in our value system
Myopic vision still shows fault sand blemishes
Must weigh the guilt
“Must I subdue and change, live like that?
Or bide my time, put up with it?”

So deep the sinew of his master
From custom of the morning ritual
The daily chore – in human encounters
Duties and pleasures of the night
Up to protocol learned

So if the new environment tells
You to shoot and kill your enemies
Deal with all societies strict
Punish some innocents
Agree with false slander and arrest

Men and women are malleable, changeable, flexible
Same sky, same stars
The seed the kernel planted deep

You can shake your brain
Your torso more so
But that genetic inner sanctum
That weight of guilt and innocence is ingrained
Like that sleazy slimy snake skin
You have to live with it

Bug in my Hair

 Bug in my hair 

A creepy black dozen legged insect
A bug, a spider, an ant now threatens my security
Must have sneaked  in with the wind ,open screen door
Or off a tree  or bush landed gently in my hair
Yes, there is something moving  up there
and I don’t like it.

No, it’s not carnivorous, but could be deadly
Or inject its syrup like a bee bite
Yet all was so calm and dormant minutes ago
And now the wiggly, ticklish thing discovered  my hair
Amonst the  unending forest of brown silver roots
Nature’s creation and protection, Leading to nowhere.
I shake my head profusely, but nothing falls out,
Maybe Dislocate my gray hair a bit
Al this l for one of nature’s cold blooded creatures.
I feel as helpless as an elephant bitten by a flea
Just the knowledge of this invader makes me squirm.
Maybe I’ll put my head under water, rub my head with a towel
And squash the invader to smithereens’.
I look anxiously in the mirror, see another.   
“Come on out you bastard “.I ‘m not coming  to your dinner tonight!”
But no such luck.
No one at home I decide to shuck my clothes,

Yes all of it, stark naked I step in the hot shower
Lots of shampoo should do it.
The damn thing upstairs on my scalp  is not moving
Probably drowned in soap.
As long as it doesn’t wash down my back.
I usually enjoy showers, but this unfortunate circumstance
Has so occupied my mind that only good riddance
Would satisfy to uninvited guest.
“Aha, “ I surmised. As I dried myself in the usual routines
After the shower, but more careful in drying my hair,
I looked downward – maybe some tiny black thing succumbed.
But it was not to be.
I then combed myself numerous times,
Again to no avail. Nothing, but a few dead hairs.
I know I felt it sometime, moving, and deliberate.
This is no imagination – but real.
Unlike most stories, this one has no end
Ere a night when I go to bed wondering if there
Is something up there.
This is not an apparition or dream,
 but truly was a real , cold blooded crawler.
I still I feel something crawling upstairs , sometime.
e. No after affects. Truly I am bigger than this thing.It has a right to live.
But not better – wherever you are.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

5 Poems for the West Coast Eisteddfod Online Poetry Competition

1.  'I Am the Poet'

I am the poet
I can shatter the moon
Obliterate the sun
Flatten out earth’s curvature
Ask annoying personal questions
I am the poet
Make the maidens swoon
                                                                Electrify the soldier to the edge of desertion
Bring the old man’s features, hair and chin, back to its magnificence
Create rhymes; make the child giggle
I am the poet
Curse arrogance, warn of usurped power
                                                                                Castigate injustice, vilify, demean Ask for reprieve, release the incarcerated, the innocent
I dig back into the secrets of my childhood
I am the poet
Fill my chest like Croesus with treasure
                                                                Want to slay my enemies with venom
                                Give comfort to the grieving
Implore the heavens to spread truth and purity
I am the poet
Court the golden-haired, dark-haired
                                                                                                Spin disarming rhymes
                                Triumph when love turns wild and passionate
And melt when cooing lovers entwine
I am the poet
Protector of the meek and poor
                                                                                                Alarm, uncover injustice
                                Spit fire when bribes and dark influence corrupts
Insidious egotist, critic of society’s ills
I am the poet
My words like leaves wilt
                My prose  drowned out by engines
                                My philosophic warnings go unheard,
My words unread, could be influential
I am the poet
Live, lust, love
                                                                                                Reach into the ugly crevices
                                Bluntly expose injustice
Cross chasm and invade the interior
I am the poet
Starved and mocked                                                     
                                                                                The world of materialism                                                              And modernity will break
Mock things, yet praise wisdom
I am the poet
Aspire to pure perfection
                                                                                Adore the earth, extol greatness
                                But rebuke foul inhabitants
Buttress of truth my shining light
I am the poet
Demand punishment of the wicked,
                                                                                Proclaim justice in an unjust world
                                Prophesize that good will beget good
Expose myself for destruction  

2.  'A Touch of Love' 

In rapture with her silhouette
My single focus
Is to please my love
Immerse myself, my being
Cater and comfort
On hands and knees
Wrap mind and body
Around this darling creature
So special, precious, golden  
We recline, an intense desire
To capture all of you
Heart burning so afire
Eyes meet in adoration
While luscious lips and tongue explore
With teasing hands and more
Voracious with desire we feel
Stretch, cuddle, so intense-- wonder, is it real?
Consumed, involved, sometimes a bit awkward
Keep the momentum, as heart and brain pound
This whole sex game festers, compulsive
Timeless, totally absorbing
Two bodies cling, and heave and bend
So both entwined, deep, pounding  rhythm
In unison, as if to shape new generations
The single focus of the moment stretched
And if repeated with the same partner
Each encounter, a rich treat
Awakens and moves and consumes all senses
Experimental, flesh on flesh
Some say it is a touch of love
Enviable closeness
Stupendous feeling of belonging
Out there is a grotesque world
Here, for a moment, euphoria

3.  'Justice Died'

My town! Ten miles away                                              
Wings of justice are
Tested in foul wind
The jury rancor guilty
Debate, simmer
Weighty trial biased, one-sided
The judge is slightly prejudiced
D.A. like a vulture
Defense ill prepared                                                 
                And much derided
Verdict: Guilty
Victim of the fury of the times
Society focused many crimes on him
Scapegoat, make him  an example
Human unknown factor erred
The lengthy punishment seems unjust
                               No recompense
                                                                The cost is not only dollars
But  a life behind bars
                                                What a waste!
                  Caged like a bird
All facts of his defense
                  Were never heard
Felon foiled by his own folly
Guilty! Guilty! They decide
That day justice and court’s fairness died
                With luck and time a new appeal
                                                The question stands:
“Did he truly commit the crime?”

4.  'Donate Organs'

Shall I donate my organs
So another human can see through my eyes?
Kidneys pump,
Liver, gets rid of toxins and God knows what
My heart in someone else’s body
My feelings once connected to my brain

Was that destined?
I feel a need to preserve
What kind of person is the receiver?
I will never know

How generous will I be
In another body?
Let’s hope the gun
Never fires again
Besides, I’ll have an unfinished obituary

5.  'Camouflage'

Much of my life is camouflage
in secret – isolated cocoon
Deep contemplation
Protected by a fluid of silence
Some old treasure to painful to share
Too scared, ashamed to reveal
Like a liar boxed in his own lie
Too uncertain, lest I be exposed
Please respect me for what I am
Soon I will be born
Share your feeling,
Share your passion and pain
Laugh, cry, wonder
Until my first cry
Wait for my time
It will soon come