Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Dawn

I don’t want to be the whole Kahuna
Nor half
I do want to mend my loss
My broken heart

The inner turmoil stirred, let it subside
Like water down a drain, down, down
My bent head again held high
A smile, a sparkle, a salutation
For loss, divorce and death do leave their mark

The emptiness, void slowly filled
Like the drip from a leaking faucet
A slow resurgence rises
Of energy and purpose
Tread on the escalator in an upward motion

A new dawn rises, slowly, ever so slowly
The open wound, self-serving,heals itself in time
Though scars are visible as a reminder
As the ancient prophets do arise

Divided from what was good and gone
To what newness is better
Takes its place in healing, soothing
New values, spiritual and temporal; to aspire

Cast many things awkwardly collected
To the wind
In their place contentment, happiness
And deep new love
Do take their place

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