Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift Of Giving

A little work of mine to you for this madcap season of holidays:

The Gift Of Giving
Too many holiday gifts to buy
Who to skip and who to satisfy?
All those pointless gadgets for the kids
So many to choose they turn my wits

Then there’s my fussy cousin
So critical, I just buy her nothin’
A dozen friends
That all depends

Some cookware, that’s clear
And eBooks shall appear
The tin box of Belgian cookies
Or lay a bit on the Irish bookies?

My dearest one, my heavenly honey
She loves the GELD (I mean the money)
Best Buy certificates, coupons, cards
Each gets their own to warm their hearts

And while alert and still in my prime
Good wishes coupled in a rhyme
Gift wrap and name tag is a chore
I give from the heart and then give some more

In honor of some friends, a charity donation
Not much appreciated by the youth, so ration
The giver’s heart jumps, full of joy
In humility, bashful and pretending coy

Sometimes I’ll receive some nuts or candy
In a shopping bag lug it home so dandy
Best feeling of joy and rip-roaring rife
And hope for another year just to stay alive

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