Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Donate Organs

This is something very personal.

I shudder, bit scared

Shall I donate my organs

So another human can see through my eyes?

Kidneys pump,

Liver, gets rid of toxins and God knows what

My heart in someone else’s body

My feelings once connected to my brain

Was that destined?

I feel a need to preserve

Who are my benefactors,

The receivers of my glands?

An activist? A hater?

Will it be an imbecile or innocent child?

I will never know

Will I be generous

Part of an another body?

Let’s hope the gun

Never fires again

Nor a sudden heart attack

Besides, I still have an unfinished obituary

(For more of Arthur's poetry, see,, or Google "Arthur Weil Poetry Books". )

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