Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Minute History

One Minute History

The funky fortune of time

Ticks like a heavy heartbeat

Easily encompasses the organism

Builds sensitivity searches within

As terrific tender tentacles reach out

Ever active to find and forage -

Fantastic food, creative clothing, odd objects

Incessant until the tedious tired brain rings a bell

Of rest – stop – recoup – recharge

And at dizzy days end

We add up admirably our deeds and misdeeds

Some with joy and jubilance

Others with concern and misgivings

Selective summation of new totality

Recount the savvy spin

From the myriads of mundane to decisive

Search eager events of earlier hours

Our one-minute history of this day

Eager advice given, things and more things bought

Planned and spontaneous fix, E-mail, creative conclusion

The rip-roaring rich, full day of activity

The criticism, huzzahs, thank you,

Haste and hurry before dawn

Like water running between fingers

So day’s event visibly slip through

No second chance, no return – too late

The gift of day devoured, dissipated, and done

Better tomorrow – our turn again

(For more of Arthur's poetry, see,, or Google "Arthur Weil Poetry Books". )

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