Monday, June 6, 2016

 Ever Yearning

Rules are to be broken

Laws disobeyed

Total freedom

Rejection of all but the self

On a high pedestal

Anarchy supplanted by dictatorial
Magical oratory bedazzles
Drowned out by horrific percussion

All so futile.

Deadly, bloody

Each has followers

Spurn the rational

The compromise, the balance

Stirred by body chemicals

Like rubber bands

Stretch from one extreme to another

Unseen turmoil

Deadly storm on the horizon

Nature omnipotent

Kneel, bow down, and prostrate yourself

We are but grains of sand

Washed, tossed, sunburned

All so transitory

Some live more than once

Our shadow blinks and disappears

Into ashes from the mold of birth

Ever yearning 

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